Updates from Mr. Genuine's Partners in Business

Mr. Genuine Now Has Partners in Business Slots Available

We have a few slots left in our five star provider program. We have added Excel Roofing Inspections, which is in October's showcase on the previous page. We also have added a wonderful replacement window and door company. Our available industries are on the previous page. If you only want qualified leads, give us a call and we will take care that for you.

Double Your Happy Gift

Normally, we'd give you a referral number when you set an appointment with us to give to your provider, to get $20 in Happy Merchandise free. But for the month of September, setting an appointment with a five star provider will get $40 dollars worth for free stuff. It's a win-win situation!

Partners in Business Appointments

Mr. Genuine is responsible for bringing consumers and our five star providers together. When call us at (208) 322-5714 and request a service or provider, we will set your appointment, answer all of your questions, and make sure you're taken care of, all free of charge. 

Partners in Business helps match customers with five star providers in the Treasure Valley

 Our lead generation, sales training, and recruiting services for our clients so exceeded expectations what we decided to develop the five star Partners in Business program to help customers find the quality services they need.  Since then, it has become a huge success for our Partners and their customers.